First mortgage mining model

Effectively save energy + prevent miners from digging and selling immediately

BoshCoin is an upgraded version of Bitcoin and Dash. BoshCoin mortgage mining mode can effectively avoid the rapid increase of computing power, save energy, and reduce the number of circulation of BoshCoin on the market, so as to prevent miners from digging and selling at the same time, which will lead to malicious destruction, which is conducive to the improvement of the value of BoshCoin. To be a miner you have to have 5000 BoshCoin and a server to mine. BoshCoin is five times faster than Bitcoin, so BoshCoin's trading capacity has increased many times!

Parameter characteristics

  • English names:BoshCoin
  • Chinese name:Persian coins
  • Abbreviation;BOSH
  • Difficulty adjustment: DGW3
  • Total amount: 101480900
  • Need 5000BOSH mortgage to dig the mine
  • P2P port 9961
  • RPC port 9960
  • Block time is 120 seconds
  • See white paper for boshcoin distribution rules
Mortgage mining tutorial: Click to view
Extract mining revenue tutorial: Click to view

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